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Manufacturer's Description

The Mountin Rifle was the rifle of choice for the fearless men who first explored the American West. Standing up to the rigorous demands of their lifestyles on the trail, this rifle was not only reliable but was also extremely accurate. Today, CVA continues that tradition with the Mountain Hunter Rifle. Featuring a 32" blued barrel with a 1:48" twist, this rifle is great for plinking with round balls or for hunting down big game with your favorite conical bullet. The stock is made with an UltraGrain hardwood finish and its trimmed in blued hardware. 9 lbs. total weight.

The rifle that made CVA famous is back! Modeled after the original, which helped launch the rebirth of blackpowder hunting and shooting in the early 1970s, CVA's Mountain Rifle authentically replicates the no-nonsense rifles of the mountain men who first explored the American West. Featuring all browned steel hardware, a fine figured American Maple stock, buckhorn rear sight and German silver wedge plates and blade front sight, this rifle offers custom quality and true traditional appeal. Designed to shoot patched round balls, the 32" browned steel barrel has a 1 in 66" rifling twist and is extremely accurate. This CVA Mountain Rifle is made in the USA and limited to a production run of only 500 pieces. It is a great choice for the collector as well as the hunter.



wood, American Maple


.50 Caliber


32" Blued or Brown

1:48 or 1:66 Twist


Percussion and Flint


Primitive Fixed


Double set


9 lbs.

8 lbs. PR4200

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