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Manufacturer's Description

Undoubtedly the most copied rifle in the history of firearms, the T/C Hawken™ was designed for the American shooter. This is a top quality firearm—every bit as fine as the one your great, great granddaddy carried across his saddle pommel or packed along on the wagon train. It captures the romance of the original but it is manufactured to standards of quality control that were unheard of in the early 1800’s. The proper use of the inves™ent casting, improved methods of hardening parts and deep hole drilling, the use of continuous Magnaflux process to guard against imperfections in the steel itself coupled to our constant attention to min./max. tolerances is what allows us to offer a Lifetime Warranty! Inspect a T/C Hawken™ at your local dealer and compare it to all other brands before you purchase. We manufacture the finest quality muzzleloading firearms available.

T/C’s famous Hawken™ Rifle is complemented by solid brass hardware. The butt plate, trigger guard and contoured patch box have been meticulously inletted and fitted to the American Walnut stock.


CALIBER: .50 Caliber BARREL: Length 28", octagon, polished and blued. .50 caliber model is 1-5/16" across the flats. With QLA® Muzzle System. Drilled and tapped for scope mounts (using rear sight holes and breech plug hole). BREECH: Hooked breech system. LOCK: Internal springs are heavy duty coil type. TRIGGERS: Fully adjustable for a light, crisp pull. Triggers function either as double set or single stage. SIGHTS: Fully adjustable open hunting style rear sights with bead front sight. TRIM: Solid brass trigger guard, patch box, butt plate and forend cap. STOCK: Select American Walnut. Tastefully contoured cheek piece on left hand side. WEIGHT: Approximately 8-1/2 pounds. OA LENGTH: 45-1/4"

General Description






28", octagon, polished and blued



double set




8-1/2 pounds

Model Numbers

5024 caplock

5043 flintlock

Other Photos

Stock TC image of Hawken in Caplock
Stock TC image of Hawken in Flintlock
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